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As KCCD launches an exciting partnership with NREL focused on energy opportunities at BC, I thought it would be a great time to look back and see what BC has done in the past to lead the way in the conversation about energy in the Central Valley.

In 1979, the Renegade Raconteur报告于BC教授Bob Tuttle, who was known across the state for teaching other community college professors about what was, at the time, the new and uncharted world of solar energy.

40多年后,我们主要的太阳能能量gy projects in California City, Rosamond and throughout Kern County, and programs likeEnergy TT&WDwill help us expand those projects even further.

Good morning Bakersfield.
It is Saturday, October 17, 2020…a great day to be a Renegade.

Check out the story by Raconteur Editor Gerrie Kincaid, with photos by Jeff Kasinger.

Solar energy workshop held at BC

By Gerrie Kincaid
Raconteur Editor

贝克斯菲尔德学院instructor Bob Tuttle has been helping teach solar energy systems installation to other community college instructors from throughout California and the Western US. The work is being done under a $95,000 US Department of Energy grant to the League of Innovation in the Community College.


在秋季学期期间,Tuttle教授一个夜班标题为Solar I,这主要处理了太阳能加热和居住建筑的冷却。“我进入了他们[学生]自己的房子的太阳能加热的基本理论,”芭蕾丝说。“我们讨论涉及的经济学和各种类型的系统。”

In order to make his students better shoppers for solar energy systems, Tuttle teaches the real application of solar energy rather than the arts and crafts aspect of it.


Tuttle said he would eventually like to teach day classes on solar energy that involved energy conservation in the home, sizing installation and designing systems.

AnotherJack Hernandez,灵感来自芙蓉花:

Silent Beauty

A single red flower
bows its head,
Perhaps in meditation
searching for a thought
about solitude’s consolation,
Perhaps waiting for another
to share the ecstasy
Perhaps with sadness
Perhaps simply praying
that we will occasionally stop
to wonder at its silent beauty.

Project HireUp Video Premiere

On Thursday, October 15, 2020, theProject HireUp: A Community Collaborative to End Homelessnessvideo premiered on YouTube and Facebook. Great partnersip with CityServ, Mission for Kern County, The Homeless Shelter, and Adventist Health.

Find out how a dynamic partnership among Kern County organizations is taking homeless people to a job with wraparound services designed to fill every gap that leads to homelessness. Thank youEndee Grijalva, Program Manager of Adult Education;Valerie Urso, Web Content Editor;John Harrer., Student Intern; and the many others involved in producing this video.

A Week of Celebration and Success for Outreach & Early College

This week was fun and busy for our Outreach & Early College team! They started off the week by celebrating our belovedSteve Watkin’s诞辰一下,虚拟庆祝和全天送到他家的惊喜。生日快乐,史蒂夫!

to have a fun Zoom celebration.
Steve got some surprise deliveries throughout the day!


The team assisted 75 students on Wednesday with issues that would have prevented each of them from registering in classes if our team was not there to provide immediate assistance. This care and service for our students is what makes us BC. We are BC!!

BC Bowlers Bowl Virtually

The BC Faculty and Staff Bowling league returned to action on Thursday, October 8th in a new format–via Zoom. Bowlers have missed seeing each other each Thursday, so they’re excited to be together again. The league is using Cat Bowling.net just in time for Halloween!

If anyone would like to join them, please e-mailSusan Pinzaatspinza@bakersfieldcollege.edu, and she’ll send you the link. This is a fun way to meet faculty and staff from all over campus.

Kern Shakespeare Festival moves online

Brian Sivesindin our Theatre Department:

“For 35 years, Bakersfield College has found a way to mount its annual Kern Shakespeare Festival. We persevered through the Great Recession, through years with no theatre to call home, and through many a background football game, rainstorm, or helicopter adding “ambience” to our performances in the Outdoor Theatre. While we may not be able to present live productions this year, the show must… and Will… go on. (See what I did there?)

For the 36th annual Kern Shakespeare Festival, we will be presenting Bootycandy by Robert O’Hara, directed by Tevin Joslen. Along with this exciting new play, we will be presenting The Comedy of Errors, directed by Bob Kempf, and The Tempest, directed by Brian J. Sivesind.”

Information about the virtual productions will be available in the coming weeks. Check back with my blog, or see theKern Shakespeare Festival Facebook pagefor more information.

Learning Together

This week, I continued my President’s Virtual Forum series with the second installment of Learning Together. This week’s discussion focused on two videos.

The first is a TED talk from diversity consultantVerna Myerstitled “How to Overcome Biases?: Walk Boldly Toward Them” which encourages viewers to recognize their biases in order to overcome them. The video may be viewed athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYyvbgINZkQ&ab_channel=TED

The second video of our discussion will be “A Conversation About Growing Up Black” from the award-winningNew York Times“op-docs”系列。非洲裔美国人年轻人坦率地讨论他们面临的日常挑战。此视频的链接是https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSAw51caEeg&feature=youtu.be


Sara Manuel,Psychology Professor:

Mindy Wilmot,Reference Librarian:

I will be archiving all the President’s Virtual Forum series, including the Learning Together series, on my website athttps://www.bakersfieldcollege.edu/president/events..

Welcome to the Renegade Family!

瑞克范围,汽车技术教授,共享他和Darlenehave welcomed their new daughter, Naomi.

Congratulations to the Range family!

#LightACandle: A Juneteenth Conversation

I am continuing to share videos from our #LightACandle productions. This week, I am sharing several commitments from community members and BC faculty & staff. These aired on the final day of production, June 19.

Jay Tamsi & Nick Hill

Keith C. Wolaridide.

Vikki Coffee

You can find out more about this production and view all the videos athttps://www.bakersfieldcollege.edu/aai/lightacandle-a-juneteenth-conversation.

In the News

Science Sundays

Did you catchDr. Timothy Plett,one of our physical science faculty, on 23ABC’s Science Sundays last week? He showed viewers how to find the center of mass on any object.

Check it out athttps://www.turnto23.com/news/science-sundays/science-sundays-center-of-mass-experiment

Celebrating Higher Education in Bakersfield

BC History faculty memberOlivia Garciawrote the text for a new book celebrating CSUB’s 50th anniversary. Congratulations to Olivia for that labor of love and congratulations to CSUB for 50 years of transformation through education.

Find out more athttps://www.bakersfield.com/opinion/community-voices-csub-at-50-book-chronicles-extraordinary-journey/article_e7bcb6e6-0a4e-11eb-9898-0736f46140fe.html



IT DirectorTodd Costonshared this photo of him and his wifeCarion a road trip to Texas:

TheJones Art Gallery在BC在他们的Instagram页面上共享这件艺术品。它是由1970年的Darlene Osterkamp创建的。达琳是20世纪60年代到20世纪80年代的BC艺术教师的成员。

妮可alvarez,Early College Director, shared this photo on Twitter. She presented at the Strengthening Student Success online series along withKylie Campbell, Teresa McAllister,安吉拉奎因.



纪念碑体育场开幕以来的球迷id 1950’s, we have consistently led the state in average fan attendance over the course of a football season. This last 2019 football season was no different. As you can see from the graphic, we dominated the rest of the state (and most likely the country) in football attendance for yet another year. We are all anxious to see our Renegades back in action and hope their next football season will be able to kick off in spring 2021 as set by the California Community College Athletics Association (CCCAA) current contingency plan.

‘Out of Bounds’ Special on 23ABC with Coach Littlejohn

This last week 23ABC Sports DirectorKari Osepaired a panel of local coaches to discuss racial inequity and injustice. Our very own head football coachR. Todd Littlejohn和a handful of other local high school and college coaches sat down at the Fox Theatre to discuss the topic.

要在23 ABC Facebook页面上观看时间长时间,请点击此处:

188金宝搏app苹果Sonya Christian.smiling.

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