The west coast has endured another week of catastrophic wildfires, which have burned more than 3 million acres of land across California this year. For another week, we are waking to reports of loss of life, damages to businesses and family homes, and harmful air quality that continues to force us indoors.


During these times, I think of our firefighters who are in the depths of the inferno ….. let’s pause for a moment in prayer to keep them safe. Across the state, many of those firefighters learned the skills they needed to protect our communities here at BC, through our Fire Technology program.

At Bakersfield College, our Fire Technology faculty are dedicated to protecting life, property and the environment by providing our students the high qualify education in fire science. If you’re interested in saving California’s beautiful forests and parks out on the front lines, we have aWildland Firefighting Associate of Science degree,其准备叛教与州或联邦荒地消防中介的职业生涯。在卑诗省,我们也很自豪,通过训练我们的贝克斯菲尔德市的消防队员我们消防战士我院消防总长和公司官员程序。

This year’s wildfire season has highlighted the need for more trained fire professionals in California, so please recommend our Fire Technology program to anyone you think might be a good fit. For more information,检查出的BC消防技术网站

Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I was also heartbroken last night to read about the passing of Supreme Court Justice金斯伯格,at 87.

Justice Ginsburg has been a strong voice for women and equality since she was nominated by President Bill Clinton in 1993.


As we continue to navigate these difficult times, I wanted to share this beautiful poem from my dear friend杰克·埃尔南德斯,约188bet asia app大家都面临的痛苦和机会,我们必须找到和分享我们自己的同情和同情彼此:


fires blacken
political rage
burns compassion.

该heart opens
of those struck
by love’s loss
of the stranger
waiting to enter.

new seeds daring
as one.

It is Saturday, September 19, 2020…a great day to be a Renegade.


从电子邮件Cindy Collier

在我们的不断努力,以帮助支持健康和我们社区的安全,BC是自豪地宣布,2020年9月22日,上午8:00,我们将举办校园手机COVID-19测试现场 - 下午6:00在停车场上海利和大学的角落。

通过我们与合作伙伴关系克恩县西班牙裔商会Kern County Public Health,BC将举办联邦政府提供的移动测试站点,将提供免费的COVID-19测试为希望进行测试的人。谢谢周杰伦Tamsi!


This walk-up clinic will be using the less invasive “Self-swab” test. Pre-registration is required, please register athttps://doineedacovid19test.com,but the Mobile Testing unit can accept a limited amount of walk-up participants. Once registered, participants need to bring the appointment voucher with reference number to the appointment.

谢谢诺玛·罗哈斯 - 莫拉。感谢您辛迪科利尔。

Please help me share this information with students, staff, friends and family. See attached flyers for more information.


You don’t want to miss this webinar on Tuesday, Sep 22nd from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Even if you have just 30 minutes during this time block, go ahead and register herehttps://cccconfer.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_4bhHSE-OQiO_uvKOt1a0GA。You should be able to get at least one presentation.

International Peace Day

From Krista Moreland.

Now that we are actively working on the和平花园项目在BC国际和平日似乎保持更大的意义。和平是我们需要工作,争取,就不会发生,除非我们做到这一点的东188金宝搏app苹果西。我们让通过练习慈悲,善良,宽容的和平发生。在我们的和平花园项目的精神,我想与大家分享一个关于平日少了,我希望它可以帮助这些动荡的时代中为您带来一点点的和平。188bet asia app

Monday, September 21ST和平的联合国国际和平日will be observed around the world. This Peace Day was established unanimously by the U.N. in 1981 as a 24hr period for humanity to come together and commit to peace and compassion. Each year on this day, “The United Nations invites all nations and people to honour a cessation of hostilities during the Day, and to otherwise commemorate the Day through education and public awareness on issues related to peace“。今年也是20周年纪念的联合国决议该Program of Action on a Culture of Peace

This year’s theme for the International Day of Peace is “Shaping Peace Together”,鼓励大家实践同情和善良,在困难面前站在一起。在联合国秘书长“呼吁所有交战各方放下武器和focus on the battle against this unprecedented global pandemic”as we come together for this global day of peace. The theme of Peace Day fits with the U.N.’s year of ‘listening and learning’, marked by the largest globalconversationon fostering peace and prosperity.

Campus Visit

This week, I was able to visit the campus withBill Potter珍妮弗·马登。I enjoyed being able to connect in person with my colleagues, while keeping our social distance.

The construction work is continuing on campus, and I can not wait until we are able to share the updates with our entire Renegade family, and our Bakersfield community.


Our BC Counselor,耶稣Oropeza,guides his 9th grade STDV B6 students through his syllabus on Canvas during their first virtual class meeting.

本周,354名学生从高中Kern District attended their first course from our new KHSD Early College Pathways program. About one third of these students are incoming 9th grade students who are beginning a pathway that will lead to the completion of one of the following associate degrees: Industrial Automation AS, Psychology AA-T, Administration of Justice AS-T, and Public Health AS-T. The rest of the students are 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who are getting a head start on their college education and will graduate from high school with between 9 and 45 college credits.

The students in these pathways will follow strategically designed educational plans to complete two BC courses in the evenings each term at either KHSD’s new CTEC facility or at our BC Southwest Center.

心理辅助,Tamarah Tallman,欢迎她服用PSYC B1A今年秋季,他们选择了心理学途径热闹非凡10年级的学生。


I am so excited to welcome these new cohorts of KHSD Renegades, and I can’t wait to watch them cross our Commencement stage in 2024 with associate degrees. I want to thank KHSD leadership– SuperintendentBryon Schaefer,助理监督Dean McGee和DirectorCarla Stallworthfor partnering with BC to make this opportunity possible.

You can read more about these new pathway opportunities in a wonderful piece by Ema Sasic in the Bakersfield Californian:https://www.bakersfield.com/news/bc-khsd-partner-to-offer-4-new-early-college-pathways-to-high-schoolers/article_8a1c8d06-cd2a-11ea-a6f2-3f9a8891a788.html


贝克斯菲尔德学院先后被授予$ 3百万,来推动和支持健康科学的毕业生!


BC will leverage grant dollars to bolster existing efforts designed to address shortages in the health care workforce made more visible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By expanding the college’s footprint of health sciences pathways through Early College, transfer pathway agreements, and strong partnerships with health care providers and community organizations, BC will systematically strengthen Kern’s education-to-workforce pipeline while improving health outcomes for local residents.


由于当前COVID-19大流行,公元前的护理graduates, family, friends, faculty, and administration will gather remotely on September 19, 2020 at 6:30pm to celebrate the 105th Renegade Nursing Pinning celebration by video on the college’s YouTube channel.


The community is invited to celebrate this new cohort of nurses on our YouTube channel athttp://www.youtube.com/bakersfieldcollege。The program will begin promptly at 6:30pm on Saturday, September 19, 2020.

Renegade Alumni Council

The Renegade Alumni Council at Bakersfield College had a great week starting with 2015’s SGA President,Alex Dominguez小号haring his voice在提交给加州贝克斯菲尔德的一块

In his piece, he said “Little did I know our “campus on the hill” would be the place where I find myself, my purpose and determine my future. It was all thanks to the exploration, learning, creativity and freedoms that I know my friends who went away to college did not receive. Not to mention, I also had some amazing faculty including professors Steven Holmes and Ed Borgens.”


Are you a Renegade Alumni? Connect with this new initiative to come back to BC with RAC and check out the video atwww.facebook.com/BCSGARAC/

And then today, there was another great piece in the Californian from an alum Jay Boydstun.https://www.bakersfield.com/opinion/community-voices-keep-the-bc-tradition-alive/article_71971bda-f6c8-11ea-baa9-a3ec3f34e393.html

188金宝搏app苹果索尼娅基督教,John Boydstun, Jay Boydstun


The first issue of BC’s The Grapevine Journal


I have some exciting news to share with you all. Today is the official launch of the first publication of The Grapevine Journal, a collection of Bakersfield College student work! We (co-editors李博安Kumelos,克里狼和我)很高兴能有我们的第一个版本在今日公布的数字,在我们的网站。BC学生对这一成就努力工作,我们不188金宝搏app苹果能骄傲。

I hope that you take a look at our publication on our website (点击这里) and that you might find useful ways of using the published student work in your classes; examples of former BC student work are always interesting and helpful for our current students. In this first edition of The Grapevine, you will find a table of contents that organizes the work by discipline.


BC Faculty Featured

Diego Gutierrez Monterrubio,an adjunct faculty in our Art Department, shared that he was featured on the cover of California English, the quarterly journal of the California Association of Teachers of English.



In trying times, we must all find our own path to peace.




Our first campus “Learning Together” discussion will take place on Tuesday, September 22nd at 4:00 p.m. as part of President Christian’s virtual seminar series. The first community read is an essay from the June 22, 2020 issue of Time Magazine entitled “The Overdue Awakening” by Justin Worland. It can be found in the EBSCOhost database at the link below. You will be prompted for your BC email address and password to gain access. If you’d like to view the digitized version as it appeared in the original issue of Time, click the PDF Full Text link on the left side of the screen after clicking the link below.


Also, the newly-created libguide “Race and Cultural Competence” is now published and available for you to review athttps://bakersfieldcollege.libguides.com/culturalcompetence


柯克也讲Opening Day188bet asia app关于共同学习项目:

Opening Day 2020



Bryan Hirayama,USC Program:

Jennifer Johnson,FCDC:


诺玛·罗哈斯 - 莫拉,部承诺:

All the Opening Day 2020 videos can be found on the开幕日的网站。


在1931年版的一篇社论叛徒瑞普illustrates how our Core Value of Community is timeless. At the close of another semester, the staff of the Rip left a heartfelt goodbye to their fellow students and encouraged them to become the best version of themselves possible at the next step in their lives.

A few former BCSGA presidents started theRenegade Alumni Council(aka the RAC), to help graduates maintain the bonds of community they established during their time at BC and help them give back to the place that made them who they are today, because now, just like back in 1931, once you become a Renegade, you’re a Renegade for life.


祝你好运,研究生小号“As the year draws to a close, we find that many of our friends are leaving Bakersfield Junior College. Many will go on to even higher institutions of learning, but some will be through their school days forever.“Wherever you go, Graduates, remember that Bakersfield Junior College is backing you to the greatest degree possible. We are proud of you, and we hope that the students will carry on the next years afterward to make this college one that you will be proud to say, ‘I went there for my first two years’.“Some are not so fortunate. They will not leave for a more advanced college next year. To them, we say, “Come back and we will be glad to see you and help you so that you will be able to continue your advanced work later on.“如果你在这个被称为‘生活’伟大的比赛开始,把上学的时候在你身后,记住,我们祝你所有的成功可能和世界上最好的运气!”Thank you to伯爵帕森斯for sharing this piece.

#LightACandle: A Juneteenth Conversation

Today, I am sharing three videos from the June 18th production of Bakersfield College’s Juneteenth programming.




For more, including all the videos, please visit贝克斯菲尔德学院六月节网站


贝克斯菲尔德市市长卡伦吴作栋小号hared this photo ofHeather Pennella,Alumni and Donor Relations Manager of the Bakersfield College Foundation. Heather is also a volunteer with the Keep Bakersfield Beautiful Committee, and she helped clean up the Truxtun Lake area:

Michael Lennemann小号hared this photo:

“This is a picture of some outstanding athletes from the 1972 Bakersfield College State Championship Team.

包括在这个图片是查尔斯·麦基(7 ft high jumper),Jerlynn阿特拉斯Kendricks,麦金利莫斯利,加里·雷(RIP),Louis Wright(Former Denver Broncos Standout),Vernell杰克逊(RIP),约翰·尼科尔斯(RIP) andStanley Mackey.

The BCSGA继续与Instagram上的#ThrowbackThursday岗位。这一周他们共同的学生在校园里的照片1975年:

图书管理员柯以敏威尔莫特小号hared a photo of herself practicing the ukulele as part of a莱文学院课程

莱斯利债券,Director of Student Success and Equity, shared this photo from our recent Admin Council meeting.

“Today, we repurposed our 2 hour@BAKcollegeAdmin Council meeting to make time to check-in with students directly via phone and text, and then collectively process lessons learned. 50+ managers contacted hundreds of students!”


Former Renegade Tyrone Crawford Set For Ninth NFL Season

前叛徒橄榄球杰出泰隆克劳福德参加第九NFL赛季member of the Dallas Cowboys this last Sunday. The Cowboys took on the Rams in the opening week of the NFL in the newly built Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles. Crawford started his career at BC in 2008 when he was named All-Conference as a freshman. In 2009 he was named a JC All-American as well as first team All-State and first team All-Conference. He then transferred to Boise State where he spent his final two seasons of collegiate eligibility. In 2011, his senior season, he was named First-Team All-Mountain West. In 2012 with the 81st pick of the NFL Draft, Dallas selected Crawford and he has remained a Cowboy ever since. Although the Cowboys didn’t win the game, we are excited to see our former Renegade competing at the highest level.

Be sure to stay connected to Renegade Athletics on social media:

Until next time.
With much Renegade Pride and Collegiality.
小号onya –



  1. Nick Strobel September 19, 2020 at 5:26 pm回复

    The students in the ThrowbackThursday photo are standing/sitting where the new Science-Engineering building is going to be. Made me realize that there’s going to be less green lawn areas after we’re done with the Measure J buildings. Even more reason to intentionally add green public spaces such as the Peace Gardens.


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